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Through our activities, we are involved on environment projects. Supporting the chances of such CSR project to be started thanks to public grants, it is only fair that we do our best to minimize the environmental impact of our own activities by:
-   reducing our carbon footprint through the optimization of our business trips,
-   optimizing the use of paper through the systematic proposal of alternative electronic supports to our clients,
-   compensating the impact of our activities by planting a tree for each mission we start.

We are fully aware of the current employment related challenges and are convinced that a lot of powerful resources are still to be optimized. That is why we develop programs aiming to support the high potential workload through:
-   the recrutment and training of postgraduated young students,
-   the "Pied à l'étrier" program,
-   students contest set up within tax law and Innovation masters.
Pro bono
Last but not least, we select some cases with consideration to their ambitions, needs and carriers for which we will work without being paid.
These actions' recipient can be SMEs or non-profit organizations and are distinguished by limited resources and a project our team regards as an example.

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