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state aids

In order to build a successful grant application, it is useful to keep in mind that only incentive grants are usually legal. As a consequence, most schemes involve filling the grant application before the start of the project. However, the tax incentives generally do not require such a condition.
Our process allows us to take into account these organisational constraints as follows:

It covers the three following areas:
The grants which bring cash aiming to support projects and expenses especially with regard to investment, recruitment, training, innovation and internationalization.
The tax incentives which include tax credits, tax reductions and tax exemptions and are only designed for companies matching very specific criteria.
The reimbursable grants, soft loans and guarantees which might not be reimbursed for the first ones and bring a cash flow benefit for the the other ones.

For the sake of completeness, we shall add the public capital investments.
Looking for any further information about the state aids available for your company?

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